From March 15, 2023 all non-WMO research within Amsterdam UMC will be reviewed by the Non-WMO Review Committee. This committee will operate under the responsibility of Amsterdam UMC’s MREC. The Non-WMO Review Committee will consist of a chair (physician), ethicist, research subject member, legal expert and privacy expert. Substantive review is designed proportionally: a graduated approach to review, taking into account a study’s complexity as well as ethical and privacy risks. The Non-WMO Review Committee will meet every Tuesday.

Consequences for researchers
Review of non-WMO protocols was not compulsory at the AMC location until now, whereas it was at the VUmc location.

Researchers will have a single point of contact to arrange all aspects needed to conduct and publish their research. For researchers conducting research at the VUmc location, there will be almost no substantive changes. For researchers conducting research at the AMC location, this is a new procedure involving a substantive review. From March 15, 2023 a modest fee will be charged for the review of research, including the establishment of a biobank.

To provide a single common procedure and point of contact for the review of non-WMO research at Amsterdam UMC, submission will take place via Research Manager, similarly to other reviewed research (biobanks and WMO research).

More information and new templates are available on the website of the MREC Amsterdam UMC.