Applied AI for Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging and Image Analysis

Focus of research

The focus of my research is the application of Artificial Intelligence on medical image analyses, and 3D and 4D cardiovascular images in particular. The research encompasses GOFAI (good old-fashioned artificial intelligence) as well as the more novel deep learning / convolutional neural networks approaches. A strong focus is on neurovascular image analysis for diagnosis, prognostics and treatment decision support of patients suffering from (acute ischemic or hemorrhagic) stroke.

Moreover, our research group works on heterogeneous data analysis in which radiological image data is combined with other types (clinical, baseline, lab) data to enhance prognostics. Since our research group is working for a long time on digital image analysis, other aspects of the digitization is also of our interest. Such subjects include image logistics and exchange, privacy and security, and collaboration with ambulances in the hyper-acute situations.