The ability to deliver an effective and engaging presentation is an important skill for researcher, and this workshop provides a perfect opportunity to work on your presentation skills!

Workshop details:

If you would like to deliver your content more effectively at conferences and public events, come to this inspiring workshop. You will learn about body language, voice and stage presence. You will discover how to capture the attention of your audience more by being truly audience-focused. And you can acquaint yourself with a different structure for your content that will lead to more impact with your conference talks.

In advance you will prepare a mini presentation that you will use to immediately apply all the theory to. The workshop is like a rehearsal space in which you can practice and play with the material. The trainer will give stage directions that will enhance your delivery.

Your trainer

Karin Herrebout has helped hundreds of scientists, from students to professors, to present more effectively. She works as a consultant, trainer and coach, and was originally trained as a drama teacher and professional storyteller.

The workshop will be organized on the following dates:

 -          April 13 (13.00-17.00)

-          May 18 (13.00-17.00)

-          May 31 (13.00-17.00)

-          June 11 (9.00-13.00)

There is a maximum of 12 attendees per workshop, which enables a total of 48 PhDs to attend the workshop. Advance registrations is compulsory, full is full! Signing up for the workshop can be done via this link: registration

Please select multiple available options if you are available on more than one of the dates. We will assign as much PhD-candidates as possible to a workshop on one of the 4 dates. You will get a confirmation of the workshop date you have been assigned to as soon as possible. We hope to see you during one of the workshops!