To do:

  1. Discuss and complete your iTSA form with your PhD supervisor(s) and get the document signed by all parties
    the intended learning objectives are not part of the agreement between the PhD candidate and supervisor(s) and are to be filled in by the PhD candidate alone.
  2. Submit the signed documents to
  3. You will then receive an invitation to schedule an individual meeting with the PhD candidate advisor. Alternatively, click here to schedule a meeting after submitting your iTSA

Necessary documents:

Note: AMC/UvA PhD candidates at Cancer Center Amsterdam who have started the PhD trajectory as from 1 January 2021 should also complete the OOA Training Plan template and submit it as a separate document together with the individual Training and Supervision Agreement (iTSA) to the Doctoral School with the OOA Graduate school in cc. In this case, you are exempted from completing ‘Chapter 5: Individual PhD Course Programme’ of the iTSA form.


The AMC/UvA individual Training and Supervision Agreement (iTSA) includes:

  1. General information about the PhD candidate and PhD project
  2. PhD project synopsis and work plan
  3. Supervision agreements
  4. Specific agreements on PhD candidate's tasks and needs
  5. Individual PhD course programme
  6. Other remarks and signatures of PhD candidate and suprvisor(s)
  7. Learning objectives and PhD Competence model (optional)

Note: Use the PhD Competence model outside of the Central Digital Workplace (CDW).