The Amsterdam Public Health reseach institute aims to support, educate and guide the next generation of public health researchers. The PhD Education Committee has been installed to guarantee the Education Quality within APH.

PhD Education Committee

The PhD Education Committee APH-VU/VUmc consists of two senior researchers (chair and secretary), one postdoc researcher, one PhD candidate and a policy officer of APH, who are responsible for the Education Quality within APH.

Committee members
Maartje van Stralen (chair) Trynke Hoekstra (vice chair)
Lisette van Leeuwen Liselotte van Dijk
Eefje Sizoo Danielle van der Laan

The core activities of the Committee are:

  1. reviewing the Training Plan (TP) that is designed by the PhD candidate and supervisors at the beginning of each PhD trajectory & reviewing the 30 EC Portfolio filled in by the PhD candidate (VU/VUmc) during each PhD trajectory;
  2. advise the APH Board of Directors about training, education, supervision and talent policy;
  3. create competence (skills) profiles for PhD candidates and postdocs and design a strategy for implementation;
  4. organize meetings to introduce the APH research institute to new PhD and postdoc members;
  5. set up an APH PhD and postdoc network to connect and support PhD candidates and postdocs in the research institute, be part of intervision meetings and to stay in contact with APH alumni.


Information for PhD candidates

Since mid April 2021, a joint Doctoral School for all Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates is a fact. The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School wants to be a central and accessible place where you and your supervisor can go to for practical information about the PhD trajectory and a range of courses, but also for independent advice or support when you are experiencing any setbacks.

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School website provides clear information on the different phases during your PhD trajectory at the VU Amsterdam or the University of Amsterdam: 1) starting your PhD; 2) during your PhD; and 3) PhD graduation.

The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School will harmonize the services for PhD candidates from location AMC and VUmc. Nevertheless, differences in the PhD trajectories concerning training plans, courses, doctoral regulations and forms will continue to exist due to the different PhD regulations of the two universities (VU and UvA). For VU/VUmc PhD candidates please also find below additional information about registration in Hora Finita and development of a Training Plan. Useful links for APH PhD candidates appointed at these institutions:



        Hora Finita

        Only applicable for VU or VUmc APH PhD candidates.

        Hora Finita is the digital system to administer and track PhD trajectories on the VU/VUmc campus. The PhD trajectories of VU/VUmc PhD candidates must be registered in Hora Finita. The digital system has been implemented campus wide, but the work flow sometimes varies slightly per faculty.

        Registration in Hora Finita

        The registration of new PhD trajectories in Hora Finita must be initiated by the research institute (for VUmc PhD candidates) or faculty (for VU PhD candidates) where your research project is primarily embedded. The support staff of your research institute/faculty are key users of Hora Finita. This means that the PhD candidate (with supervisor on cc) must report the trajectory to the key users (see contact details below) with the following information:

        • initials, first and last name of PhD candidate
        • e-mail address of PhD candidate
        • department and APH research program where project is embedded
        • names, titles, and email addresses of all supervisors (specify promotor(s) and co-promotor(s))
        • start date of the PhD trajectory
        • whether PhD candidate is external

        Following the initial registration in Hora Finita, the PhD candidate is requested to provide additional information and to upload both an official signed and approved embedding letter provided by the APH Scientific Quality Committee and a Training Plan. A number of actors have to grant approval for the submitted information before the registration becomes an official PhD trajectory in Hora Finita. As part of this ‘chain of approval’ the PhD Education Committee APH-VU/VUmc will in its turn assess the Training Plan against the educational (training) requirements as set by VU/VUmc and APH. Once the PhD trajectory is official, the PhD candidate should specify the followed courses in the portfolio tab in the Hora Finita dashboard, in order to be awarded an official 30 ECs certificate. More information about the registration procedure for VUmc PhD candidates can be found in the Flowchart Hora Finita registration (see downloads).

        Contact details

        Contact for APH-VUmc PhD candidates*:
        Your primary research institute:

        Contact for APH-VU PhD candidates:
        Faculty of Science
        Faculty secretary: Maaike Croes:
        Athena Institute: Justine Hazenkamp-Browne:
        Health Sciences: Jozien Vedder:

        Faculty of Behavioral and Movement sciences
        Faculty secretary: Ingrid van der Poel:
        Graduate school FGB: Solveig Lund:

        * Procedures for APH-VUmc PhD candidates also apply to external APH PhD candidates and APH PhD candidates at GGZinGeest who both (often) have a guest appointment at VUmc.

        Training Plan (30 EC)

        PhD candidates (VU/VUmc) develop a Training Plan (TP) that includes the mandatory and elective courses that the candidate must complete alongside the PhD trajectory for the amount of at least 30 ECs. In the Netherlands, 1 EC is equal to 28 hours of workload. The overall aim of the Training Plan is to ensure a course program that is tailored to the needs of the individual PhD candidate, research project requirements and the VU/VUmc and APH education requirements.

        The Training Plan must be submitted and approved digitally via Hora Finita. This procedure can be found in more detail in the PhD Handbook APH-VU/VUmc. An empty template to fill in the Training Plan and a filled in Training Plan as example can also be found by downloads.

        How to get access to Hora Finita and have your Training Plan approved: