To do:

  • Supervisor submits the final version of the manuscript for plagiarism screening in a single unique mail to the Medical Library and the Dean/Office of Doctorate Affairs
  • Supervisor/co-supervisor submits an identical version of the manuscript to all voting members of the Doctorate Committee for examination (together with a copy of Appendix A of the Doctoral thesis assessment form)

Note 1: The final version of the manuscript can be sent to all the above in a single unique mail so all parties receive the exact same version

Note 2: In addition to both the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam Doctorate Regulations, the Amsterdam UMC Executive Board has specified additional requirements (by decision 7 July 2021), to harmonize the rules that apply to PhD students preparing a doctorate at either university in Amsterdam. The document 'Supplementary Regulations Faculty of Medicine - Amsterdam UMC' is to be found here below, under 'Downloads'.

Note 3: The plagiarism screening results report will be automatically sent to the supervisor(s) and the Dean/Office of Doctorate Affairs only

Necessary documents:

  • Final manuscript in PDF, including academic title page and summaries (in Dutch and English) and portfolio

  • Appendix A of the Doctoral thesis assessment form (in English or in Dutch)
  • Note: The Appendix A form should be sent to the supervisor only (and not to the Office of Doctorate Affairs). Printed copies are expected to be delivered to the Dean/Office of Doctorate Affairs in step 6


Requirements and instructions for submission of the final manuscript

  • The content of the manuscript must be final and complete; no changes are allowed after the manuscript has been submitted for plagiarism screening and examination by the Doctorate Committee. The only exceptions are corrections to the layout and design, typing errors, publishing details, ISBN and acknowledgements
  • The manuscript must be submitted as a PDF (one numbered page per PDF page):

    • without cover page and acknowledgements
    • with the academic title page (as generated by the Office of the Beadle, see step 4)
    • with summaries in Dutch and in English (content must be identical)
    • with portfolio

Important: as stated in the document 'Requirements PhD Thesis AMC/UvA', the General Discussion must be a separate chapter in the thesis and not included in the English summary