ACS partners

To promote cardiovascular research in the Netherlands and stimulate collaboration, ACS researchers participate in several joint networks.

Rembrandt Institute of Cardiovascular Science

Cardiovascular research groups from LUMC, Amsterdam UMC and Sanquin organize a joint annual research meeting. Rembrandt grants support joint research projects between the participating centers. Website RICS

Netherlands Heart Institute

NLHI provides a network for cardiology and cardiovascular research departments to promote and facilitate research at a national level. The NLHI Durrer Center supports centralization of biobanking and cardiogenetics. The NLHI cooperates closely with the Netherlands Heart Foundation and is a partner of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA). Website NLHI

    Affiliated societies

    Dutch Heart Foundation

    The Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF) is a Dutch non-profit organization that is committed to recognize, detect and treat cardiovascular diseases in an early stage and to reduce the burden of disease. Website DHF

    European Society of Cardiology

    The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is a not-for-profit medical society. They unite national cardiac societies from around the world to understand the impact of cardiovascular disease and to reduce the burden of disease. Website ESC

    Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cardiologie

    The 'Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cardiologie (NVVC)' unites cardiologists, nursing specialists and physician assistants in the Netherlands. Website NVVC

    Dutch CardioVascular Alliance

    The Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) is an alliance of twelve organizations, scientists and healthcare professionals in the field of cardiovascular research. The common goal is to reduce the disease burden by a quarter by 2030. Website DCVA

      Research consortia

      Some of the research consortia ACS is involved in are:

      Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies

      The Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies (hDMT) is a precompetitive non-profit technological R&D institute, initiated in the Netherlands. hDMT integrates state-of-the-art human stem cell technologies with top level engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, clinical and pharmaceutical expertise from academia and industry to develop and valorize human organ and disease models-on-a-chip. Website hDMT

      Laboratory for Critical Care Computational Intelligence

      The Laboratory for Critical Care Computational Intelligence (LCCCI) aims to improve outcomes for critically ill patients by bringing artificial intelligence to the bedside. The laboratory unites clinical and data science expertise to develop models and validate models as well as integrating them in clnical decision support tools and evaluate their effect on outcomes relevant for critically ill patients, right at their bedside. Website LCCCI.


      The CVON-DOSIS consortium investigates heart muscle diseases. More information
      Lead investigator ACS: Jolanda van der Velden
      ACS principle investigators involved: Bianca Brundel, Peter van Tintelen, Yigal Pinto, Coen Ottenheijm

      Heart-Brain Connection

      This multicenter, multidisciplinary project aims to improve the understanding of the influence of hemodynamic changes on cognitive functioning in the elderly. More information

      Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Platform

      The Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Platform (AFIP) Foundation consists of a team of researchers and doctors who want to improve communication between patients and researchers in the field of atrial fibrillation. Website AFIP