In 2021, budget is available for equipment that costs over 12,000 euro including VAT. All departments of VUmc location participating in ACS are entitled to submit an application. However, participation of location AMC scientists in the application is obligatory.

The budget can be spent on new techniques, which will add to the expertise within ACS, and thus does not involve equipment which is already present at Amsterdam UMC.

Status: closed

This grant is currently closed. When application for the next round will be opened, an announcement will be made through our newsletter and news articles.
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Procedure 2021

  1. Please read the rules and regulations for application carefully. Only applications that are in line with the rules and regulations can be awarded.
  2. Applications should be sent before September 1, 2021 at 12:00 hrs (noon) to using the ACS equipment call application form.
  3. All applications for equipment will need agreement from the ACS program leaders of the relevant program(s), supporting the purchase of this special piece of equipment. Agreement by mail will suffice.
  4. Based on this advice, the ACS directorate will decide which applications will be granted.  

NB. For each application matching will be asked from the departments that participate in the application. Applications in which three or more departments collaborate will receive priority. 

NB. The budget is location VUmc budget and equipment needs to be bought in 2021 from VUmc departments and used in VUmc/AMC.


The regulations document and application form will appear here once the new call opens.