Six researchers from ACS are awarded Heart Foundation Dekker grants. These are research grants for talented cardiovascular researchers that enable them to engage in long-term scientific research into cardiovascular diseases, allowing them to take the next step in their career as a researcher.

Of the ten Heart Foundation Dekker grants available this year, six will go to Amsterdam UMC, worth in total two million euros. Heart Foundation Dekker laureates at Amsterdam UMC are:

    • Henk-Jan Mutsaerts, Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
    • Thijs van Mens, Department of Vascular Medicine
    • Harsha Devalla, Department of Medical Biology
    • Annette Neele, Department of Medical Biochemistry
    • Louis Handoko, Department of Cardiology
    • Monika Gladka, Department of Medical Biology

    Read more about their projects on the Amsterdam UMC website.

    Internal support by the Research Grants Support Office

    The Research Grants Support Office of Amsterdam UMC provides internal support for some Heart Foundation Dekker grants. Visit the Heart Foundation intranet page for more information.

    The Dekker grants

    The Dekker grants, named after the former director of the Heart Foundation Dr. E. Dekker, are awarded for the 34th time. This year, the Heart Foundation received 66 applications. These enable researchers will investigate ways to solve heart attacks, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias. The Dekker grants contribute to the Heart Foundation's mission to prevent cardiovascular disease and to help people with cardiovascular disease live longer in better health.