We are setting up a new ACS initiative: PhD Peer-to-Peer group meetings. A peer-to-peer group is a small group of peers (PhD-students), that supports personal and professional development and provides practical tools to cope and handle daily situations that influence your well-being. Possible subjects are: dealing with expectations, time pressure, work-life balance, relationships with supervisors, career options after a PhD, etc. During peer-to-peer group meetings a theme is chosen based on subjects that participants bring to the table.

Since this peer-to-peer group coaching is a new initiative within ACS, we would like to start with two groups as a pilot. The pre-requirements for joining a peer-to-peer meeting is that you would be willing to commit to the 5 meetings spread over half a year. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have experience with peer-to-peer meetings.

Setup pilot peer-to-peer meetings:

-8-10 people per group (only two groups will be formed (limited number of spots, first come first serve principle))

-1 professional independent host per group for the first three sessions

-5 meetings of approximately 2 hours with a one-month interval

- First meeting at 6th of February 15:00-17:00, consecutive meetings are scheduled in accordance with participants

- Face-to-face (preferred) or hybrid meetings in the AMC

This post is intended to check the interest of ACS PhD students for the pilot session of the peer-to-peer meetings.

If you are interested in joining the pilot session, please let us know by emailing acs@amsterdamumc.nl before the 26th of January.

If you have a question, please email: Eva Aalbregt – e.aalbregt@amsterdamumc.nl.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the ACS PhD Education Committee

Eva Aalbregt