Dress Red Day is coming on 29 September. The Dutch Heart Foundation asks everyone to dress in red attire in order to draw attention to cardiovascular disease in women. Although we can't come together this year, Amsterdam UMC would like to participate digitally. 

Share your Dress Red Day outfit on social media (instagram or twitter) using and Amsterdam UMC will make a compilation of your submissions! Posts can already be submitted regardless of gender! Make sure to keep 1.5 meter distance! If you don't have instagram or twitter, you can mail your photo to e.bets@amsterdamumc.nl.

It's about time that diseases with a higher incidence in females will be diagnosed and treated with a specialized approach. Therefore, the Dutch Heart Foundation will invest €2.5m in a large research program focussed on diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease in females. Yolande Appelman, intervention cardiologist at Amsterdam UMC, has been working hard for the women's heart. She will be leading part of this research program.