ACS provides funds to support talented ACS researchers and to stimulate collaboration between ACS researchers within Amsterdam UMC. This year, eight grants have been awarded.

ACS Postdoc grant

This grant provides excellent young basic science PhD graduates the opportunity to obtain postdoc experience in a prestigious research center abroad. This year two Postdoc grant are awarded:

Laura Bosmans

Department of Medical Biochemistry, location AMC
Targeting Glucocorticoid-Induced TNF Family-Related Protein (GITR) in macrophages to combat atherosclerosis: Identification of GITR-TRAF Small Molecule Inhibitors

Arnout Mieremet

Department of Medical Biochemistry, location AMC
UnHiDe Marfan: Uncovering Haploinsufficient and Dominant Negative iPSC phenotypes in Marfan Syndrome

ACS MD/Postdoc grant

This grant is aimed at continuing research to become a good clinical investigator along with obtaining a medical specialization. This year one MD/Postdoc grant is awarded:

Alwin Zweerink

Department of Cardiology, location VUmc
Conduction System Pacing - MECHanical ANd electrICal Study (CSP-MECHANICS)

ACS Out of the Box grant

This grant stimulates new collaboration between ACS researchers within Amsterdam UMC. This year five OOTB grants are awarded:

Reinier Boon & Monika Gladka

Single nuclei RNA sequencing to study the human diseased heart

Bianca Brundel & Anke Tijsen

Culturing of LMNA hiPSC-derived atrial cardiomyocytes to dissect mechanism underlying atrial fibrillation

Vivian de Waard & Kakkhee Yeung & Connie Jimenez

What drives the engine of the aortic aneurysm: identifying (phospho)proteins at the center of vascular smooth muscle cell contractile dysfunction

Esther Lutgens & Ed Eringa & Reinier Zandbergen

SARS-CoV2 infection of perivascular adipose tissue and hyperinflammation in COVID-19

Max Nieuwdorp & Elena Rampanelli & Barbara Verhaar & Daniel van Raalte

The role of gut microbiota and its metabolites in blood pressure regulation