Four researchers affiliated to the ACS research institute of Amsterdam UMC have again been awarded a TKI-PPP grant between € 300.000 and € 750.000 to perform a research project in the cardiovascular field in collaboration with an industrial party. Funding is provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Life Sciences & Health (TKI-LSH).

Yigal Pinto - TRACER

Within this project, a new technology is being developed for patients with a rare form of heart failure. The aim is to treat the disease by using the naturally occurring variation in DNA to specifically target the underlying problem. This will enable more effective delivery of the healing molecules to the heart.

Patrick Schober - HEART-SAFE

A new technical solution that can automatically detect cardiac arrest outside the hospital and use sensor signals from smartwatches that send automatic alerts to emergency medical services.

Henk-Jan Mutsaerts - SANE-QC

Creating artificial intelligence algorithms that automatically detect the scan quality of MRI scans with the aim of finding out the MRI scan quality on the fly, so that we can immediately repeat MRI scans if needed. And ultimately to improve MRI diagnostics in general.

Joost Raaphorst & Coen Ottenheijm - CONTRACT

The aim of this project is to improve therapies for the treatment of myositis. By creating a model that combines antibodies from patients with a unique setup for measuring muscle fibres. This will provide more insight into the interplay between the immune system, muscle fibre contraction and the effects of targeted immunotherapy. In this way, we hope to help not only patients with myositis, but also patients with other autoimmune diseases with neuromuscular involvement.

Visit the IXA website for an overview of the 2022 grant recipients and the videos of their projects.