We would like to congratulate Connie Bezzina and Bianca Brundel for acquiring joint funding for international research consortia.

A total of € 5M has been awarded to three consortia to facilitate international research in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. This funding is provided by the Dutch Heart Foundation, the British Heart Foundation and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research.

Consortium GenUCA will focus on hereditary risk in arrhythmia and will be led by prof. dr. Bezzina (Amsterdam UMC), prof. dr. Behr (University of London) and prof. dr. Borggrefe (University of Mannheim). Consortium DnAFiX will focus on a genetic cause for atrial fibrillation and will be led by prof. dr. Brundel (Amsterdam UMC) and dr. Niels Voigt (University Medical Center Goettingen).

The Heart Foundation contributes 1.25 million euros, the British and German organizations each invest 2 million euros. Projects financed by the Heart Foundation in this context contribute to a lasting relationship between research groups from the three countries. New international partnerships can arise and existing partnerships can be strengthened. It is not yet known whether there will be a second round. The Heart Foundation is currently discussing this with the BHF and DZHK.

Visit the website of the Dutch Heart Foundation for more information.
Source: Dutch Heart Foundation.