ACS program leaders and Young ACS are central to the organization of ACS. The past few months we welcomed several new members who will be engaged in leading the research programs and further enhancing synergy within and between the research programs.

Within ACS each research program is managed by two or three program leaders who will lead the program. Young ACS is an internal advisory board, composed of talented young investigators from all five research programs, that aims to enhance the interaction between the young generation of ACS researchers and the ACS directorate. The program leaders and Young ACS represent both clinical and preclinical research at both locations of Amsterdam UMC.

Within the Pulmonary Hypertension & Thrombosis (PH&T) research program Frances de Man and Michiel Coppens, both former members of Young ACS, replaced Harm Jan Bogaard and Saskia Middeldorp. Tyler Kirby is the new Young ACS representative of the PH&T program, together with Nick van Es. Furthermore, Ronak Delewi and Stephan Huveneers are welcomed as new program leaders of the Atherosclerosis & Ischemic Syndromes (A&IS) research program. Researchers Annette Neele and Elena Rampanelli co-represent the A&IS and Diabetes & Metabolism research program within Young ACS. Lastly, Erik Bakker has taken over the program leadership of the Microcirculation program from Jan Piek.

These new program leaders and Young ACS will, together with the current members, further enhance collaboration within and between the ACS research programs and other Amsterdam UMC research institutes. For a complete overview of the ACS organization, please visit our ACS organization page.

ACS organogram ACS organogram