Dr. Fleur Tjong, cardiologist in training at location AMC, has received in addition to the ACS Postdoc grant, the Rubicon NWO grant for her postdoc research entailing Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methods to improve the prediction of which ICD patients are at the highest risk for lethal cardiac arrhythmias.

For this research she will collaborate with researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics at the Amsterdam UMC - location AMC, the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab of the University of Amsterdam, and Stanford University.

In addition, dr. Tjong, together with dr. Reinoud Knops and dr. Hanno Tan, both from the Department of Cardiology at the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, has received an €1.7M Eurostars grant earlier this year for a project titled: Personalized and preventive mHealth predicting life-threatening arrhythmias in cardiac patients - The SafeHeart Project. Together with 3 partners; clinicians at the Rigshospital in Copenhagen, a wearables scale-up from the UK, and a Danish deep learning startup, a new tool to predict dangerous cardiac arrhythmias will be developed during a 3 year period. For this project a new PhD will be attracted to join the team!