Researchers from Health, Research and Development (ZonMw) will receive Vidi grants of up to 800,000 euro. This will enable the laureates to develop an innovative line of research over the next five years and further expand their own research group. One of the 2022 laureates is dr. Grootjans, gastroenterologist and AGEM researcher.

The NWO Talent Programme gives researchers the freedom to pursue their own research based on creativity and passion. The NWO Talent Programme encourages innovation and curiosity. Curiosity-driven research contributes to and prepares us for tomorrow’s society. That is why NWO focuses on diversity in terms of researchers, domains and backgrounds. Together with the Veni and Vici grants, Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Programme. NWO selects researchers based on the academic quality and innovative character of the research proposal, scientific and/or societal impact of the proposed project and the quality of the researcher.

Dr. Grootjans, gastroenterologist and AGEM researcher, is one of the 2022 laureates of the ZonMw Vidi grant. Peritoneal metastasized colorectal cancer responds poorly to systemic therapy and therefore carries very high mortality. In Grootjans’s project, “Abdominal cavity immune cells facilitate cancer cells”, it will be studied whether interfering with peritoneal immune cells that facilitate cancer cells will improve response to therapy, and ultimately patient survival.

Other Amsterdam UMC researchers who received a 2022 Vidi grant:

  • Dr. L.D.J. Bos - Navigating treatment response in acute respiratory distress syndrome using a biological compass
  • Dr. S. Derks - Targeting gastro-esophageal cancer cells to liberate immunity
  • Dr. O.J. Gurney-Champion - Taking a closer look at tumours
  • Dr. N.M.J. Hanssen - Methylglyoxal stress in the gut microbiome and human metabolic disease: two sides of the same coin?
  • Dr. M.A. Hillen - Discussing the unknown - an interdisciplinary perspective on communicating uncertainty in health care
  • Dr. J.D. Mackenbach - Prevention of obesity: from failure to success
  • Dr. E. Rampanelli - A natural metabolite to treat diabetes