• Mission and vision
    Mission and vision The AGEM institute aims to improve gastrointestinal, endocrine and metabolic health and reduce the burden of major illnesses that affect our society.
  • Organization
    Organization The AGEM research institute is led by the AGEM office. Decisions are made together with the AGEM research board.
  • Research board
    Research board The AGEM research board consists of approximately eight members, at least one representative from each of the AGEM research programs.
  • Annual reports
    Annual reports Every year AGEM produces a new annual report. In these reports you can find our sciences impressions, best publication, grants, events and numbers and facts.
  • Research evaluation
    Research evaluation Research conducted within the AGEM institute is evaluated every 6 years using the Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP).
  • Contact information
    Contact information The institute can be contacted in multiple ways. All AGEM contact information can be found on this page.