For external grant opportunities, the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team provides support for Amsterdam UMC researchers on a large variety of national and international grant schemes and funds.

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Research Grant Support

The Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team offers tailor-made services to researchers in Amsterdam UMC. The grant advisors provide up-to-date knowledge and expertise to secure the acquisition of national and European research grants fostering successful and excellent scientific research in Amsterdam UMC. Targeted grants support services are catered to the specific needs of Amsterdam UMC applicants applying to e.g. EU funding programs, prestigious national consortium grants and the NWO Talent Program as well as other prestigious ‘talent’ grants.

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Contact details

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Scientific grant opportunities for AGEM researchers

Do you need funding for your research? Major funders, with grant possibilities across all four of AGEM’s research programs, are listed below.

    Amsterdam UMC fellowship

    The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship (formerly known as AMC Fellowship) has as goal to attract very talented researchers to the Amsterdam UMC, who are able to set up their own research group.

    From 2012 on the Amsterdam UMC fellowship will be an awarded tenure track and will follow the criteria of the AMC Tenure Track.

    There is one Amsterdam UMC fellowship available per year and will be advertised on the AMC vacancy site.

    The fellowship consists of €750,000 for the full term of five years (less for a shorter period, on a pro rata basis). In this sum the salary of the fellow, the salary of a PhD student and/or their bench-fees are included.

    The selection of the Amsterdam UMC fellowship will start after a set deadline (one per year) to stimulate competition. A selection procedure will only take place if there is a sufficient number of suitable candidates and a nomination will only take place if a candidate who meets the criteria can be selected. The fellowship has to be accepted or declined within three months after formal approval. The Amsterdam UMC fellowship is not open for Amsterdam UMC researchers with a permanent position.

    The Amsterdam UMC fellowship vacancy will reopen beginning of February 2020. The deadline for applications is Tuesday March 31st 2020 at noon. The vacancy will be published at

    Stipendium Kemp Legaat

    Bertus Kemp was a biochemist at the University of Amsterdam, who was well known for his work on the biochemistry of connective tissue. He held a keen interest in prolyl hydroxylases and ATP synthase and incorporated azido-labelled substrate analogues in his research. 

    In the year 2022 the second annual ‘Bertus Kemp Stipendium’ of € 20.000 will be awarded to an early-stage (i.e. >2 years post-PhD, < 8 years) biochemical scientist in The Netherlands appointed at the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, ACTA, AMOLF, NIN, NKI or Sanquin, who needs financial support to extend her/his network and initiate novel (inter)national collaborations for future applications of consortium grants. Funding can be used to cover (a) bench fee for experiments, including outsourced large-scale experiments; (b) an exchange visit to the collaborator lab to learn or employ a new technique; (c) an exchange visit of the collaborator to the main applicant for a lecture plus masterclass and brainstorming future collaborations. Once finished, the outcome of the project will be presented. The proposed research concerns studies on basic biochemical processes.

    The application should consist of:

    1. A description of the proposed, novel collaboration and how this specific collaboration will catalyze future grant applications (max 400 words).
    2. A project description, including background, hypothesis, objectives, approach and intended deliverables such as a publication, methodology or follow-up grant proposal(s) (max 600 words).
    3. A budget proposal (by financial controller of the institute).
    4. A biosketch / Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, including a list of publications, highlighting the three most relevant publications.

    Deadline proposal submission: March 1st 2022 at 14.00 Expected decision: May 1st 2022 For information please email:

    Amsterdam UMC TKI-PPP Grant

    The grant amounts available to both AMC and VUmc will be combined, creating a budget of approximately € 7-8 million that will be divided over the best PPP-research proposals. For more information click here.