The Nutrition Textbook ('Leerboek Voeding') helps apply knowledge about nutrition
in prevention and treatment. It is aimed primarily at practicing and future doctors, dieticians, nurses and physiotherapists. 75 leading doctors, scientists, dieticians and other experts collaborated on this publication. On Friday 9 June 2023, the launch of the textbook was celebrated with 350 people in Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. Several authors gave an inspiring presentation in TED-talk format.

Nutrition plays an important role in many ways during disease. The epidemiology of disease and the role of nutrition, both in prevention and treatment, has shifted and the associated dietary recommendations have moved with it. For instance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are more common in a heavier and ageing population. Treatments improved, hospital admissions became shorter and outpatient care became much more important. Despite nutrition becoming increasingly relevant in modern medicine, there are gaps in the nutrition knowledge of today's doctors as well as tomorrow's doctors.

Leading doctors, scientists, dieticians, paramedics and other experts collaborated on this publication. Also, this book is not only written for, but also by medical students. It is our express intention to keep the book current and attractive in the future for those who want to increase their knowledge in the field of nutrition.

Textbook Nutrition is composed of six themes. Consecutively, these are the physiology of nutrition, nutritional assessment, nutrition-related disorders, clinical nutrition, nutrition and prevention, nutrition and disease, and nutrition research. In total, the book has 52 chapters. These are generally short and summarise the core of each topic. For different topics, readers are given in-depth information in text, boxes and figures. There is also an online environment with additional information.

The editors are internist-endocrinologist Maarten Soeters, dietician-researchers Nicolette Wierdsma and Hinke Kruizenga, and gastroenterologist Gerd Bouma.

On the Textbook Nutrition website, more information such as treatment guidelines, explanation videos and podcasts can be found for each topic. The team of authors will work to keep this website up to date so that it remains useful for any user but especially for students. Presentations and pictures from the launch can also be viewed on the website.