If you want to set up a biobank or use materials from one of the biobanks for research, your application will first be assessed by the Toetsingscommissie Biobank (TcB) of the VUmc location or by the Biobank Toetsingscommissie (BTC) of the AMC location. From  March 1, the procedure has been simplified and all applications run through a single counter (Research Manager) with the same application procedure.

Previously, you submitted your application to the assessment committee of the location where you worked. The procedure and the documents that had to be submitted differed per location and setting up a biobank at both locations resulted in double work. Now there is a single counter with the same application procedure.


Another substantial improvement is the assessment of requests for use of stored human tissue. This has now become much more proportional. Instead of judging each request in the same way, a distinction is now made. A risky use (for example in connection with AVG) is assessed more extensively than a less risky use. Now you first get a number of specific questions so that it is immediately clear whether a request concerns risky use or not. As a result, the applicant will receive a quicker answer as to whether the use can take place or whether a more extensive assessment is needed.

Research Manager

The portal makes submitting research files for testing easier. Data and documents can be filled in and uploaded completely digitally. And not only the data and documents will from now on be delivered via the portal, the approvals of principal researchers, department heads and operational directors will also go through the portal. These approvals replace the signatures on paper. The status of the assessment of the research file is also displayed in the portal. This way you can always find where the study is in the assessment process.

Faster decision

Not only the distinction between risky and less risky use and the standardization of the procedures ensures a faster decision on the application. The meeting frequency of both committees has also been adjusted, so that applications are processed more quickly. The intention is that both review committees will merge in the future.

More information about the Amsterdam UMC biobank.