Chris Ashbrook, originally from Warrington, UK, has been appointed the second business developer for AMS. Below you will a short introduction of Chris and see what drives him.

Following my personal interests of science and sports, I first came to Amsterdam to study the Msc Programme Human Movement sciences at the VU, therefore it is a huge pleasure that after this time, to come full circle and return to AMS, 8 years later. Thus far, the shaping of my professional career stems from being introduced to Entrepreneurship in sciences and IXA, through supporting early-stage development of Strike Fx, an intelligent boxing bag (now NextRound) during a research project and in turn being completely fascinated through observing how inventions from research are developed into commercial products.

To build on these insights I spent some years working in the Orthopaedic industry across multiple business functions (Sales, QA/RA, Design and Development) in a medical device company, developing and marketing biomaterials and implants, specialising in joint and spinal surgeries. Although gaining industry experience, I had a desire to work on more cutting-edge technology projects, moving into FFUND. Where I supported life science startups and researchers alike build their commercial spin outs, through devising fund-raising plans, advising and writing grant subsidy applications, and forming international consortia of PPPs to aid technological developments, ranging from discovery to commercialisation phases. I’m excited to tap into these experiences and partnerships but now, with a sole movement sciences focus.

Typically, outside of my professional activities, you can find me doing something sport related, whether training at the kickboxing gym, out running, or watching my team Manchester United. Although I can’t say the latter has been enjoyable recently.

Please feel to reach out at any time (, I am eager to learn about what is happening within AMS and to provide support in thinking along about projects, building collaborations and exploiting commercial opportunities to fund further research projects. Ultimately, my focus is to enable AMS researchers to focus on the research, while our IXA team and I manage the various aspects of grant and commercial research projects, such as negotiations, budgets, intellectual property inquiries, new inventions and forming partnerships with external partners.