Often patients with post-covid syndrome cannot function the way they did before the COVID infection. Patients have difficulty with performing daily tasks because of extreme fatigue, brainfog and exercise intolerance. Post-covid syndrome is therefore emerging as a new disease without clear disease mechanism or treatment. Rob Wüst is assistent-professor muscle physiology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at the research institute Amsterdam Movement Sciences. In collaboration with prof. Michèle van Vugt and Brent Appelman of the Post-Covid Clinic of Amsterdam UMC, and prof. Frank Bloemers and Jelle Posthuma, he focuses on a better understanding of muscle-related complaints in patients with post-covid syndrome. To be able to continue with this work and provide important information for new therapies, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched. Please help our scientists and contribute to the understanding of post-COVID syndrome and treat patients. Click here.Thank you for your support!