AMS is delighted to announce that there are 10 grants available for keen PhD candidates who want to spend some time at another university (hospital) either in the Netherlands or abroad. The plan you submit can be for various activities, and research must be part of it.

The applications should include:

  • a visit to a university (hospital or lab) of your choice in the Netherlands or abroad;
  • initiate new collaboration in the Netherlands or abroad;
  • writing a protocol;
  • seting up a new technique;
  • taking a course (in the Netherlands or abroad) to learn a new technique or research skill;
  • NOTE: the applicant must be a registered AMS PhD candidate;

Each AMS research program has 2 grants on offer, each of max. €5.000. If you want to apply, be explicit about what your aim is, the budget needed, and what the added benefit of your proposal is to the research institute and the research program. Note the deadline of September 15, 2022. Click below to download the application form.