A grant has been awarded by ZonMw for research in patients with ME/CVS. The project led by Dr. Rob Wüst consists of ten sub-projects within two consortia, and aims to map which skeletal muscle phenotype and blood phenotype patients have. Changes in blood vessels and skeletal muscle will be assessed in patients with long-COVID and ME/CFS before and after post-exertional malaise has begun. Furthermore, the research aims to clarify the physiological link between autoimmunity, microblood clots and skeletal muscle structure and function. More knowledge about this can improve the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Read more about the project on the ZonMw website.

  • Title project: Skeletal muscle and blood adaptations during post-exertional malaise in patients with ME/CVS.
  • Total grant: €498.500.
  • Available PhD positions: 2.