If you want to be affiliated with the Amsterdam Neuroscience research institute, you can register via the registration form. To join Amsterdam Neuroscience, the principal investigator (PI) and/or professor involved in your research project, must have an affiliation with Amsterdam Neuroscience.

Within Amsterdam Neuroscience, there are nine research programs covering different themes in the field of neuroscience. We strongly recommend you to embed (and review) your research project within one of these research programs. As an Amsterdam Neuroscience researcher, you can benefit from your affiliation to the research institute by using its knowledge, network and services. For instance, you can:

  • Enrich and share your knowledge with our events and knowledge meetings.
  • Expand your network by visiting our annual meetings and network sessions.
  • Be part of a community of 900 excellent researchers with wide variety of expertise to guide your research.
  • Receive the latest news and information in the field of neuroscience through our website, social media and newsletters.
  • Increase societal and scientific exposure of you and your research.
  • Compete for grants within your research program and within Amsterdam Neuroscience.
  • Receive guidance and tips as a junior researcher when developing your training plan.
  • Use our excellent core facilities.
  • Receive guidance for valorization of your research by our own business developers of the Industry Alliance Office.
  • Shape your business collaboration with biotech or pharmaceutical companies with the support of the Industry Alliance Office.

When you want to affiliate to Amsterdam Neuroscience as a principal investigator or professor with your research group, please send an e-mail to register.

If you are not a researcher or not primarily affiliated with Amsterdam Neuroscience, but you want to stay updated on our news and events, you can register for our newsletter by emailing neuroscience@amsterdamumc.nl.