AN research programs

  • Brain Imaging
    Brain Imaging With a broad research infrastructure and advanced expertise, this program aims to make a change in the field of brain imaging and other medical disciplines.
  • Systems & Network Neurosciences
    Systems & Network Neurosciences This program connects research groups and enables technological developments in neuroscience to better understand neuronal and brain function apropos health.
  • Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms
    Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms Using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, this research program aims to clarify the causal relationships in biological and pathological processes.
  • Complex Trait Genetics
    Complex Trait Genetics This program explores the genetic, epigenetic and environmental causes of individual differences in brain function and dysfunction in relation to health.
  • Neurodegeneration
    Neurodegeneration This program uses observational studies, basic science and intervention studies to help reduce the number of patients with neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Neuroinfection & -inflammation
    Neuroinfection & -inflammation With the world’s top researchers and numerous disciplines, this program is hailed for its unique approach, superb research track record and innovative care.
  • Neurovascular Disorders
    Neurovascular Disorders This program focuses on acute stroke, with a strong track record in diagnosis, secondary prevention, unraveling its causes and realizing clinical trials.
  • Compulsivity, Impulsivity & Attention
    Compulsivity, Impulsivity & Attention Translational, cross-disorder studies can improve knowledge and treatment options for patients with psychiatric disorders. That’s where this program comes in.
  • Mood, Anxiety, Psychosis, Stress & Sleep
    Mood, Anxiety, Psychosis, Stress & Sleep Our MAPSS research program uses a translational and transdiagnostic approach to identify the relationship between psychiatric disorders and stress and sleep.