Hanneke Hulst has accepted a new position as professor Neuropsychology of Health and Disease at the University of Leiden as of September 1, 2021. Her goal remains to work towards a better situation for people with MS and cognitive problems. 

After more than 14 years of working at Amsterdam UMC and affiliated with Amsterdam Neuroscience, especially at the MS Center Amsterdam and the department Anatomy and Neuroscience, Hanneke Hulst will become a professor at the University of Leiden. Within the new function as professor Neuropsychology of Health and Disease Hulst will use her acquired knowledge more broadly to other disease indications.

At the same time, she will remain to work on MS-related questions with the researchers from various departments with the MS Center Amsterdam. The project ‘Don’t be late!’  acts as a great fundament for a collaboration between both institutes. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awarded a group of researchers in 2020 with a collaboration grant under the supervision of Hanneke Hulst. The grant of 1.6 million euro will be used to study prevention of cognitive- and work problems amongst people with MS. 

“Over the years, it has always been a pleasure to work with Hanneke. She did great work with and for Amsterdam Neuroscience, made great steps in her career but also in the team science efforts of the MS Center Amsterdam. Another talent of Hanneke is that she acted as a fine role model for the younger generations. Amsterdam UMC is indebted to her and look forward to stay in touch.” Arjen Brussaard say. We wish Hanneke Hulst the best of luck in Leiden.

Read the interview with Hanneke Hulst and her colleague Brigit de Jong in our Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE 2020.