In ‘Over de Kop’, a podcast series with and by (former) Amsterdam UMC researchers, the ‘Brein in Beeld’ foundation will take listeners on a tour with high-profile topics in the field of neuroscience. Over de Kop started in November 2021 and will appear every week.

Presenter Pieter Hulst and experts such as Jeroen Geurts, Christiaan Vinkers, and Hanneke Hulst will discuss the substantive and social side of neuroscience. By highlighting brain research from various perspectives, Brein in Beeld wants to create an understandable podcast series about our incomprehensible gray matter.

Available podcast (in Dutch):

1. An interview with Christiaan Vinkers, professor stress, and resilience at Amsterdam Neuroscience) about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our mental health. People seem resilient, but are we taking this issue seriously enough?

2. A conversation with Wilco Peul, professor, and researcher in neurosurgery at LUMC, HMC, and HAGA The Hague. Wilco Peul gives us a unique insight into the world of neurosurgery and tells us about the impact of a neurosurgical procedure.

3. Up next is Iris Sommer, professor of psychiatry that tells us more about her research on the psychiatric condition schizophrenia and hallucinations. Why do people hallucinate? And how (ab)normal is this?

4. An interview with dr Baudewijntje Kreukels on the neuroscience of gender dysphoria and how your brain determines what gender you feel.

5. Neuroscientists Hanneke Hulst and Jeroen Geurts will update you on the progress and successes that have been achieved in research into the chronic brain disease multiple sclerosis (MS). Do we already know more about the cause of MS? Is there any prospect of a drug that can cure MS?

Listen to the ‘Over de Kop’ podcast on Spotify.