Philip Jansen, resident of clinical genetics at Amsterdam UMC, has been awarded the Veni grant by the Dutch Research Council NWO. NWO has awarded 89 highly promising young scientists from the ENW and ZonMw domain a Veni grant worth up to 280,000 euros. The grant provides the laureates with the opportunity to further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

Philip Jansen: Identifying targetable mechanisms of insomnia in brain aging and dementia.

Insomnia (sleep problems) is associated with aging of the brain and dementia. Whether insomnia is a cause or consequence of normal and accelerated brain aging, and through which mechanisms, is currently unexplored. I use large-scale brain imaging and genetic data to elucidate causal pathways between insomnia, brain aging, and dementia.

Philips Jansen: “I am very excited to further unravel the genetics of sleep and its enigmatic mechanisms in the brain in the coming years. Lots of exciting new scientific adventures lie ahead!”

Source: NWO