Intro contentSix principal investigators of the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam are honored with a subsidy of the EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research.

With a total amount of more than two million euros for all the six projects there will be a substantial support in the search for personalized treatment in brain diseases. The projects are focused on a spectrum of research objectives - from better understanding the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and better diagnostics to better and more personalized medicine approaches for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Joining forces on brain diseases

To join forces on neurodegenerative diseases around the globe 30 countries collectively started the EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) in 2012. Which makes JPND not only the first but also the largest collaborative research initiative established to tackle the growing challenge posed by neurodegenerative diseases. In the beginning of this year JPND announced their multinational research call on personalized medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.

More than two million euro for the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam

As of this week, we can proudly announce that neuroscientists of Alzheimer Center Amsterdam are awarded with six of these European subsidies of the JPND personalized medicine call. A total amount of more than two million euros will support their research into tailor-made treatment for brain diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease or frontotemporal dementia. In total eighteen grants were awarded within this call, including eleven Dutch researchers of whom six are from the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam.