How many people with MS have a certain course of the disease? And who is treated with a specific type of medication? These important questions should be answered quick and easy.
Brigit de Jong
Photograph Eva Strijbis

Thanks to the project value-driven healthcare and the effort of many people the MS Dashboard has been launched on the 29th of May. This dashboard helps to determine which care will have an effect on an individual patient.

Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, has been working on the implementation of value-driven healthcare since 2017. At the time, the MS team was the first to start with the fourteen so called ‘value teams’. These teams help to provide proper and effective care that is important to people with MS. Brigit de Jong and Eva Strijbis, both MS neurologists at Amsterdam UMC, are closely involved in this project.

Eva Strijbis: "The MS Dashboard provides us with a better overview of the different types of patient groups we are treating. We can classify them by MS type (relapsing-remitting or progressive), by the use of a specific type of medication, or see how often certain side effects are experienced. This helps us to better inform individual patients, and tailor the care to their needs. We can also see how the individual patient is doing over time. We are still working on further development, so that the patient can also view his or her course of the disease in ‘MijnDossier’ in the future."

MS dasboard

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