Just a couple a days ago a group of Dutch and Flemish clinicians and neuroscientists, published a new textbook, editored by Odile van den Heuvel and Ysbrand van der Werf from Amsterdam UMC, Bernard Sabbe and Ben Schmand, bridging fundamental neuroscience and clinical psychiatry.
Understanding disease mechanisms of mental disorders

The new textbook shed light on the latest underlying mechanisms of neurobiological systems related to psychopathology. Goal is to give clinicians insight into the underlying mechanisms that can disrupt emotions, cognition and behavior, crucial for understanding psychopathology. This will inspire to think differently about the right treatment for an individual patient and the development of new innovative treatments. The book will bridge the gap between the fast developments in neuroscience and the daily clinical practice.

Odile van den Heuvel, both psychiatrist and professor of neuropsychiatry at Amsterdam UMC: “I hope that clinicians will be able to integrate the increasing knowledge from neuroscience with other important concepts in psychiatry.”

This new textbook is an invitation to everybody interested in the neurobiological point of view in psychiatry. The book is available online at Boom psychologie & psychiatrie.  

Cover textbook on Psychiatry