At the Annual Meeting of 2 October 2020 Amsterdam Neuroscience released her second MAGAZINE covering the overarching theme: team science. Team science is not only an essential story line for many of the colleagues within Amsterdam Neuroscience, it is also a prerequisite for meaningful and curiosity-driven academic endeavours and translational medicine.

In this second edition of the MAGAZINE you can find three in-depth interviews with prominent teams and six shorter profiles of researchers who have paired up. The good-spirited way in which these teams present themselves in this magazine reflects both the resilience and the can-do attitude that seems to be an increasingly essential driving force of how science is done these days. Hence also a good argument for our motto: Amsterdam Neuroscience: connecting the people, the science and the brain.

We hope you will enjoy reading the Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE 2020.

Read the online magazine.

  • Arjen Brussaard – director
  • Diederik van de Beek – co-director