Together with 58 partners, the research group of professor Andries Kalsbeek, will receive 9.7 million euros from the National Science Agenda (NWA) for research into the biological clock in modern society. Dutch researchers are joining forces to study the biological clock in our modern 24-hour society.

The circadian clock in modern society

Our 24-hour society disrupts the biological clock of many species, increasing the prevalence of mental and physical illness and threatening biodiversity on a global scale. The researchers will develop strategies to restore and maintain clock function in society and healthcare, helping to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Contribution of Amsterdam UMC researchers

As a contributor of this national consortium, Andries Kalsbeek, Dirk Jan Stenvers, and Joram Mul will investigate how physical activity influences the central clock in the brain in animal models. Additionally, they will study the right timing of physical activity and nutrition to reduce the adverse metabolic effects of working in shifts.


Leiden University Medical Center, Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus MC, Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, University of Amsterdam, Institute of Biology Leiden, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, University of Groningen, Eindhoven University of Technology, TNO, University Medical Center Utrecht, ARTIS, Centre for Human Drug Research, Chrono Eyewear BV, Chrono @Work, Edelris, Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Apeldoorn, Municipality of The Hague, Municipality of Leiden, Municipality of Rotterdam, Municipality of Texel, Municipality of Utrecht, Geestelijke gezondheidszorg voor mensen in Eindhoven en omgeving, Good Light Group, Hersenstichting, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Dutch Cancer Society, Leyden Academy on Vitality & Ageing, Methylomics BV, MediluX BV, NEMO Science Museum, OcellO, Peira, Technolab, Witte Raaf, Algemeen Verbond Van Volkstuinders Verenigingen in Nederland, Caring Universities Consortium, Municipality of Putten, Glastuinbouw Nederland, Globe at Night, Holland Rijnland, International Dark Sky Association, Leids Universitair Behandel- en Expertise Centrum, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Natuur & Milieufederaties, Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, Openbare Verlichting Nederland, Platform Betere Tijden, Rijkswaterstaat, Smart City program, Vereniging van Ouders van Couveusekinderen, Vreeken’s Zaden, Water Board Hunze en Aa’s

Official secretary on behalf of the consortium: Prof. Joke Meijer – Leiden University Medical Center.