Five researchers of Amsterdam UMC affiliated with Amsterdam Neuroscience have been awarded a TKI-PPP grant by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health.

The TKI-PPP grants by the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health. (Health-Holland) grants vary between 300,000 and 750,000 euros and are focusing on research projects that are in close collaboration with an industrial party.

About the TKI-PPI grant

In October 2019 the call for the Amsterdam UMC TKI grant 2020 opened. The Amsterdam UMC TKI grants for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects are available to all Amsterdam UMC researchers who wish to perform a research project in collaboration with an industrial party. The grant is to stimulate Amsterdam UMC researchers to perform research projects together with companies. For the first time the TKI grant procedures from AMC and VUmc were combined. This meant that the grant amounts available to both UMC’s were put together, creating a pot of approximately 9 million euros to be divided over the best PPP-research proposals.

Jury process

During both selection rounds (pre- and final application), each proposal was judged by four jury members, consisting of two scientists selected from the eight Amsterdam UMC alliance institutes, an IXA business developer and an outside expert on impact (e.g. a life sciences venture capitalist). Knowing that applying requires a serious effort of the researchers, it was great news to hear that there was a total of 60 applications. The jury first selected 29 final proposals to go to the final round, after which sixteen proposals could be awarded. Of these sixteen research projects five projects are led by researchers of Amsterdam Neuroscience.  

The research projects

1. Next-Gen-Vis: Next Generation gene and cell-based therapies for retinal disorders
Prof. dr. Arthur A. Bergen
Subsidy of €310.359

2. AI-STROKE: Algorithm deelopment through artificial intelligence for the triage of stroke patients in the ambulance with electroencephalography
Dr. Jonathan Coutinho, Dr. W.V. Potters, Dr. H.A. Marquering
Subsidy of € 727.900

3. AIRBORNE: Artificial Intelligence for eaRly imaging Based patient selectiOn in acute ischemic stroke
Dr. Bart Emmer
Subsidy of € 750.000

4. HiberTreat: Hibernation-based treatment for cognitive decline
Prof. dr. Philip Scheltens
Subsidy of € 316.800

5. STRESS-INDEX: Towards biologically-informed integrated stress profiles in psychiatry
Dr. Christiaan H. Vinkers
Subsidy of € 599.000

Read the other selected research projects on the IXA website.