The measures that the government has taken in the fight against the new coronavirus have a major impact on everyone's daily life. The government would like to know whether the population can follow these measures and its opinion about these measures.

The RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and GGD and GHOR are conducting a large study into the impact of these behavioural measures on health and well-being.

The research focuses on the impact of communication and policy during the pandemic on knowledge, attitude, behaviour and preventive behaviour. It also studies the population health (physically, psychologically and socially) and how this develops over time during the corona crisis and as a result of COVID-19. RIVM also explores the long-term effects of policy measures on psychology, behaviour and society (e.g. loneliness, lifestyle, mental health and drug and alcohol use).

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Danielle Timmermans and APH researcher Charles Agyeman are both part of the scientific advisory board Corona Behavioral unit of the RIVM

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