Information for BSc/MSc students

Students with an internship request should contact the coordinators of the relevant departments participating in the Amsterdam Public Health research institute directly of which an selection is deplayed on this page.

If you are interested in a research internship at Amsterdam UMC, please visit the website of werkenbijVUmc or werkenbijAMC (in Dutch). If you are interested in a research internship at the faculties of VU Amsterdam, please visit the websites of the particular faculty. 

Read more information about the quality guidelines for internships at VU and VUmc.

Location AMC and location VUmc

Department Head of department Contact
Epidemiology and Data Science Prof. J. (Hans) Berkhof Femke Rutters:
General Practice Dr. J. (Jettie) Bont a.i. head Rik Loijmans:
Ethiek, Recht & Humaniora Prof. G.A.M. (Guy) Widdershoven Marianne van Elteren (Global health (in low and middle income countries)): Maaike Muntinga (WS-internships Netherlands):
Elderly Care Medicine Prof. C.M.P.M. (Cees) Hertogh Ariadne Meiboom:
Public & Occupational Health Prof. A.J (Allard) van der Beek Olga Damman:

Location VUmc

Department Head of department Contact
Psychiatry - GGZ InGeest Prof. A.T.H. (Aartjan) Beekman Lucres Nauta Jansen:
Midwifery Science Prof. J. (Ank) de Jonge Ank de Jonge:

Location AMC

Department Head of department Contact
Global Health Prof. F.G.J. (Frank) Cobelens Guus ten Asbroek:
Internal Medicine Prof. J.M. (Jan) Prins
Medical Informatics Prof. N.F. (Nicolette) de Keizer Monique Jaspers (Bachelor): Kitty Jager (Master): and Danielle Sent:
Medical Psychology Prof. F.J. (Frank) Snoek Pithya Nieuwkerk:
Pediatrics Prof. J.B. (Hans) van Goudoever Hans van Goudoever:
Psychiatry Prof. D.A.J.P. (Damiaan) Denys Doeriene Poels:

Department VU Faculty of Science

Department Head of department Contact
Health Sciences Prof. ir. I.A. (Ingeborg) Brouwer Hanneke van Dongen (Bachelor): and Marinka van der Hoeven (Master):
Athena Institute Prof.dr. J.E.W. (Jacqueline) Broerse Nikha Krooneman:

Department VU Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences

Department Head of department Contact
Human Movement Sciences Prof. J.H. (Jaap) van Dieën Hein Daanen:
Biological Psychology Prof. J.C.N. (Eco) de Geus Dennis van ‘t Ent (Bachelor):, Elsje van Bergen (1st year master Genes in Behaviour and Health): and Dorret Boomsma (2nd year Genes in Behaviour and Health):
Clinical, Neuro- & Developmental Psychology Prof. W.J.M.J. (Pim) Cuijpers Annemarie van der Veen (Clinical Psychology):, Evelien Wolf (Clinical Neuro Psychology): and Jolien Zevalkink (Clinical Developmental Psychology):
Clinical Child and Family Studies Prof. C (Carlo) Schuengel Hett Verzaal: