Procedures for APH researchers

  • Scientific Quality
    Scientific Quality We deliver the highest quality research in accordance with Good Research Practices corresponding to the relevant laws, regulation and guidelines
  • Education Quality
    Education Quality We aim to support, educate and guide the next generation of public health researchers. The PhD Education Committee guarantees the Education Quality within APH.
  • Communication & Design
    Communication & Design We welcome all APH researchers to use our branding materials, logo, email signature banner, PowerPoint and poster templates, in all communications.
  • Researchers profile and Pure
    Researchers profile and Pure In order to get a researchers' personal page on this website, every APH researcher must add the research institutes' affiliation to Pure, the output registration system.
  • Research tools
    Research tools We offer different tools for researchers, including relevant questionnaires and books, the Quality handbook and the AVG checklist.
  • Cochrane review groups
    Cochrane review groups Amsterdam UMC hosts two Cochrane Review Groups on gynaecology and fertility or workers’ health.
  • APH Methodology tutorials
    APH Methodology tutorials The Methodology program organizes monthly tutorials in which methodological experts of different backgrounds share their knowledge on a topic of choice.