The Amsterdam Public Health research institute aims to deliver the highest research quality in accordance with Good Research Practices corresponding to the relevant laws, regulation and guidelines. Therefore, the Scientific Quality Committee support the quality of research for all APH researchers.

Scientific Quality Committee

The Scientific Quality Committee (SQC) consists of senior researchers from the eight research programs of APH and are appointed at either VU, VUmc or AMC. The main task of the SQC is to advise the Board of Directors of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) on their scientific quality policy, and to support the quality of research within APH. The Committee does this by facilitating the embedding of research projects, and by providing information and tools, for instance the APH Quality Handbook and the AVG Checklist.


APH Quality Handbook

The APH Quality Handbook provides for APH's commitment to promote continuous improvement in research quality and to encourage good scientific conduct throughout all phases of research. With the intention of setting a standard, structuring information and making information accessible for all researchers, the Research Lifecycle is used to navigate the researcher through the Handbook. The Research Lifecycle represents all activities typically involved in a research project, and may be scientific or administrative in nature, or both.

Embedding of research projects

In Amsterdam UMC and VU all research projects need to be embedded within a research institute. The Amsterdam Public Health research institute has started embedding its research projects from January 1, 2018 onwards.

Every project that will be carried out within APH needs to be registered to the Scientific Quality Committee by the PI or project leader. A project is a scientific study which should lead to a scientific publication. The scope of a research proposal may differ; for example a new project that uses existing cohorts or registrations that can be relatively short.

The request for embedding of a project can be sent to APH Scientific Quality Committee and should consist of (1) the research protocol* (in PDF) accompanied by (2) the ABC form of which at least part A is completed. The submitted research project will be judged by the relevant APH program leaders on suitability and relevance to the preferred research program. Embedding of a project should take a couple of weeks at most. All embedded projects will be registered in a project database.

* A research protocol describes the research project and at least consists of background information (problem definition, relevance/significance, objectives, research questions/hypotheses) and a description of planned methods (study design, study population, data (collection), analyses). An existing document (e.g., a research proposal) can be used for this purpose as well as the APH template research protocol.

For PhD candidates affiliated with Amsterdam UMC (both locations VUmc and AMC) or VU Amsterdam and working on a project that is embedded within the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH), a discount of 25% applies to the course fee of the EpidM courses and/or the Master program in Epidemiology. For more information see the Education webpage.