At this year's Annual Meeting APH is offering 6 APH Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Booster Grants with a value of maximum € 5,000 to APH researchers. The APH DEI Booster Grant 2023 aims to encourage educational or research projects and creative endeavors that promote APH’s and its DEI committee’s goals on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our research and academic work environment.

Submit an eligible booster plan, attend the Annual Meeting and you will compete for this valuable grant. At the end of the meeting, 6 winners will be selected during the award ceremony based on random selection.


Booster plan activities can include organizing or facilitating events, projects and workshops that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our research and within APH, such as panel discussions or social gatherings with experts, relevant stakeholders and/or other APH researchers. The booster plan can also include activities relating your own research project such as enriching your project with inclusive data or (co-)developing protocols and guidelines for inclusive research.

A booster plan consists of a description of your motivation, a detailed activity plan and budget plan. Before submitting, consult your supervisor(s) or other relevant colleagues about the feasibility of your plan. Download your booster plan submission form below, and submit it via (with your supervisor in cc) before Tuesday October 17th, 13:00 hrs.

All proposals will be judged on eligibility by members of the APH DEI committee based on the conditions below. You will be informed, in the week of October 30th whether your plan will participate in the random selection lottery during the plenary closing ceremony at the Annual Meeting.


  • Your booster plan fits within the scope and is feasible.
  • Your booster plan should be executed and the budget must be spend before December 1st 2024.
  • Only actual costs made as laid out in the budget plan will be paid/reimbursed.
  • You are affiliated to APH (checked in PURE, see here affiliation instructions).
  • Your supervisor approves your booster plan (submit your plan with supervisor in cc).
  • You are present at the Annual Meeting in the morning to submit a printout of your booster plan.
  • You are present at the Annual Meeting’s closing ceremony during the plenary afternoon session to receive the grant if you are randomly selected. If you are not present, another booster plan will be selected.