As from September 1, 2021 psychiatrist and APH researcher Christiaan Vinkers is appointed as full professor ‘Stress and Resilience’ at Amsterdam UMC. Recently he and pharmacist Roeland Vis published the Dutch book “Hoe zit het nu echt met antidepressiva?”

Christiaan Vinkers has degrees in Pharmacy, Medicine and Law. He is interested in the neurobiological background of stress resilience and vulnerability including (epi)genetic, neuroendocrine, and brain circuitry factors. He tries to apply his knowledge from fundamental research in applied clinical research and the other way around.

In his new book, he discussed the ins and outs of taking antidepressants. There are so many misconceptions about taking these drugs that Vinkers and Vis felt the need to discuss the subject in an accessible way for a wide audience. The book is a revised version of the book ‘Even slikken’ from 2017. They updated the information and added some sections, for instance about the how and why (not) of quitting with antidepressants.

An interview (in Dutch) with Vinkers about his new book is available on the Amsterdam UMC website.