APH researchers are invited to participate in a feasibility study regarding the development of a new interactive resource platform for sex and gender resources: the Genderful Research World.


Despite the evidence on the impact of sex and gender on health, research methods continue to neglect sex and gender considerations in the biomedical and health sciences. Currently, several initiatives and key resources exist to support researchers, but they can be hard to find, busy and overwhelming. The Genderful Research World (GRW) platform has the goal to support scientists in health who are looking for resources on how to integrate sex and gender into their own research.

The Website

The GRW Consortium has developed a web-based interactive platform, in collaboration with ZonMw and professional web developers. In an interactive way, researchers can navigate through several stages of their research process and explore linked references from these existing platforms. The first prototype of the ‘Genderful Research World’ will be tested among a group of international health researchers to study the feasibility of this interactive sex and gender resource platform. Junior and senior health researchers are invited to join this feasibility study.

Feasibility study

Participation in this feasibility study entails a one-time active visit to the GRW pilot platform and afterwards provides feedback from the participants user experience. Researchers who want to participate can visit the genderfulresearch website and fill in the questionnaire. For more information about this study, please see the information letter.

Participation in this feasibility study will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time (10-15min visit on the GRW pilot platform and +/- 10min to fill in the evaluation questionnaire).