Milou Angevaare and Hein van Hout, monitored medication use by nursing home residents of more than thirty nursing homes during the corona crisis and compered this with data of one year earlier.

APH researchers Milou Angevaare (PhD candidate at Amsterdam UMC) and Hein van Hout (professor of Caring for Vulnerable Older Persons at Amsterdam UMC) did not see an increase in depressive feelings or anxiety. The amount of conflicts and the amount of prescribed sedatives even decreased. Additionally, the residents had more contact with loved-ones via telephone and the digital media.

Overall there were no negative effects reported. However, the researchers emphasize in 'Het Parool' that this does not mean that there was no individual distress. Hein van Hout put forward that the effect might be explained by the experienced rest by health care workers. "There were less changes in staff and they did not have to divide their attention between family members and the nursing home residents".

Read the full article in 'Het Parool' (in Dutch).