Last year we started the project I Act: Co-designing actions supporting racial justice driving inclusive implementation science. This project aims to co-create actions for the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH), to promote an inclusive working climate an inclusive academic research.
We could use your help!

To get a better image of where we have to focus the actions on, we want to get a better understanding of the diversity and experiences with discrimination among colleagues. We already sent out a survey within APH at the end of last year and next we would like to organize group interviews with employees. With the results of the survey and group interviews, we want to develop actions for positive change together with the APH Diversity Commission. For both the group interviews (1) and the Diversity Commission (2), we are looking for colleagues who are interested to participate.

1. Group interview with employees

Are you interested in participating in a group interview to share experiences and thoughts on inclusion in our institute? A group interview will take about 1.5h. Please send an email to Manou Anselma to sign up. In this email you can also let us know if you have preferences for the composition of the group (for example only junior researchers, or a group with only people of color). We will plan the interviews accordingly.

2. Diversity Commission

With a group of colleagues we want to actively work on creating a more inclusive research institute. Together with members of the APH Diversity Commission we will co-create actions in a participatory manner. The frequency and duration of the meetings will be decided together with the group.

If you have any questions, you can contact Manou Anselma.