APH research program Societal Participation & Health (SPH) concluded 2022 in a festive way. On December 13, they organized an event at the beautiful VondelCS. Many SPH colleagues attended, and they started with a delicious two-course lunch. It was great to meet all our colleagues again in real life and to hear about their work and their plans for Christmas.

After the lunch, a workshop ‘Pitching your research’ was facilitated. During the workshop, the attendees learned how to formulate catchy and attractive key sentences for the pitch. An important tip was that we are all experts in our field, and therefore many of us make our pitches too difficult. So, try to avoid jargon, and practice your pitch for friends or laymen (for example in the pub).

After the workshop, attendees had some time to mentally prepare for the upcoming escape box during a walk in the Vondelpark – it was quite cold but also very beautiful (see the picture)! The attendees ended the afternoon with an exciting and competitive escape box, during which 5 teams had to solve a murder using puzzles and riddles.
Thanks to all attendees for making this a great event!