The second round of the NWO KIC Long Term Programme (LTP) is now open. The LTP grant offers 10 years of funding (max 30% of total budget, 9-25 M€) for public-private partnerships (PPP) for innovative, strategic research, that contributes to the mission-driven Dutch top sectors and innovation policy.


The strategic aim of an LTP is to provide a powerful and lasting impulse for the development of a field of science in the Netherlands that addresses a societal theme and/or one or more key technologies. NWO’s contribution provides the scientific foundation for the LTP and is necessary to initiate or further develop the collaborative programme. From the start of the programme, all relevant stakeholders of the innovation chain are involved, both with regards to funding and the content, to ensure that knowledge from the programme roots in society. As such, science offers a structural and sustainable contribution to the challenges in the mission driven top sectors and innovation policy.

Internal procedure

Researchers are required to submit an internal intent form before Thursday 8 June at 10:00 hrs (CEST). Co-financing from Amsterdam UMC will be subject to internal checks. Only 3 proposals can be submitted by our organization (main-, as well as co-applicants). If more than 3 applications will register, an ARB meeting will be organized to prioritize applications. Based on the advice of the ARB, the Board of Directors will select, who can submit their application on behalf of Amsterdam UMC to NWO.

Please register your intended application before Thursday 8 June at 10:00 hrs via our internal intent form.

Please contact Research Grant Support, if you have any questions:

Mor information on the NWO website.