APH researcher Kiki Lombarts (Professor Professional Performance at Amsterdam UMC) has been studying the effect of large numbers of women on the quality of care. Although there are more and more female doctors, the 'male perspective' is still dominant in healthcare.

Traditionally, physicians were men hence healthcare is organized around the man and the male perspective. Female doctors are still educated and trained in the male system. As a result, so-called ‘female’ qualities are not sufficiently highlighted. Patient-centered care, empathic communication and avoiding risk are seen as ‘female’ qualities. In contrast, objectivity and decisiveness are seen as 'male' qualities.

Lombarts' study shows the quality of care provided by female physicians to male and female patients is good. So is the care of a male physician to male patients. But the study shows that female patients treated by a male physician are the ones with the worst experiences . This group has higher mortality rates, more complications and, for example, more readmissions. Kiki Lombarts does not yet have an explanation for this finding.

Lombarts concludes that healthcare needs a culture change. There needs to be more room for the gender-diverse perspective. Healthcare should not remain stuck in that male perspective, but there should be room for everyone and all qualities.

More information (in Dutch) about this research on NPO1.nl.