The Faculty of Medicine (University of Amsterdam) and the Centrale Opleidings Commissie (COC) / MVO have appointed five new Principle Educators (PE’s). These PE’s have the opportunity to devote one day a week to educational innovations in the context of teaching and learning.

The APH PE’s and their areas of expertise are:

  • Ronald Cornet (associate professor at Amsterdam UMC and chair of the GO-FAIR executive board) is PE for the study Medical Informatics (UvA) to realize FAIR data in education.
  • Marij Hillen (assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC) is PE for both the study Medicine (UvA) and the COC-MVO with special interest in the theme Medical Communication
  • Femke Rutters (assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC) is PE for the COC-MVO on the theme Lifestyle.

The other two PE’s are:

Sander Corssmit (General practitioner) is PE for the master in Medicine (UvA) and Lida van der Merwe (lecturer at Amsterdam UMC) is PE for the bachelor Medicine (UvA). They both focus on the profile of self-regulated learning.

More information about Principle Educators is available on the Amsterdam UMC intranet.