The Aging & Later Life program of APH has two program leaders, one with a background at the VU/VUmc location (vacancy) and one with a background at the AMC location (Dr. Janet MacNeil-Vroomen). The program leaders are responsible for the execution of the parts of the strategic plan of the Amsterdam Public Health (APH) research institute that have been allotted to the specific research programmes. This includes chairing the program council, stimulating cohesion and synergy within the program, identification and stimulation of talents within the program and facilitating communication and collaboration with external partners and stakeholders. A full list of tasks (in Dutch) can be found at: APH program leaders.

Aging & Later Life is a multidisciplinary, cross-departmental research program. We focus on aging (growing old), the older person (being old), and the last years of life using the concepts: Resilience, Quality of Life and Personalized care. Currently, our main priorities include establishing connections with relevant health and care stakeholders in the greater Amsterdam Area, creating a research agenda focusing on the theme of Urban Ageing and stimulating cross-disciplinary collaboration within the program.

Tasks (in collaboration with the AMC representative program leader):

  • Leading the program council, liaising with APH directorate and program leaders of other APH research programs to promote program-related topics and priorities and representation at relevant forums and parties.
  • Liaising with the program council, junior council and APH directorate to formulate and report on strategic goals for the Aging & Later Life research program. Providing input on the vision and strategy of the Aging & Later Life and the APH strategic program.
  • Promoting the internal and external visibility of the Aging & Later Life program, together with the program coordinator and program council. This includes co- development of the research agenda for Urban Aging.
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with relevant stakeholders in the field of care for older people, such as care providers and the municipality.
  • Planning, organizing and attending meetings and symposia of the Aging & Later Life program and APH.


We are looking for a senior researcher with good leading and communicational skills. Who is a team player and has affinity with older persons and his highly motivated and creative.

Working conditions

The appointment is honorary and for the duration of 2 years, with the possibility to prolong with a second term.


In case of questions, please contact Janet MacNeil-Vroomen or Martijn Huisman

Please send your application to